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House of Bunny








The Bunny comes up to a little house in the middle of the stage

BUNNY: I am a Bunny. My name is Nickolas. I live in a forest. in spring I like to listen to birds’ songs. they sing so merrily! In summer I like to pick up some flowers. They look so nice! In autumn I like to watch the leaves. they fall down from the trees so sadly… In winter I like to watch the snow. It falls down from the sky beautifully.

SQUIRREL: I like to sing when

The sun is shining.

I like to sing,


I like to sing when

The snow is falling.

I like to sing,


I like to sing when

The wind is blowing.

I like to sing,


The Squirrel jumps up to the bunny

SQUIRREL: Hello, Bunny! I’m Squirrel. I’m red. My tail is long and bushy. I like to eat mushrooms, and nuts. This basket of mushrooms and nuts is a present for you. May I live with you.

BUNNY: Yes, you may. Please come here.

The Hedgehog comes up to them

HEDGEHOG: Hello, friends! Glad to see you! I’m Hedgehog. I’m a wild animal. I’m little and grey. May I live with you?

BUNNY, SQUIRREL together: Yes, you may!

HEDGEHOG: Let’s sing a song.

Leaves falling, falling down,

autumn leaves, all around.

Leaves falling, falling down.

Red and gold on the ground.

Autumn leaves, gold and brown

Falling, falling all around.

Green, red, gold, brown

autumn leaves falling down.

The Bear comes up to them

BEAR: Hello, dear friends! Do you know who I am? I’m a little Bear. May I live with you?

BUNNY, SQUIRREL, HEDGEHOG together : Yes, you may!

BEAR: Let’s drink a tea!

The Fox and wolf come up to them

FOX: Hello! I’m Fox. I’m red. I’m clever and cunning. I have a beautiful bushy tail. And this is my brother Wolf.

WOLF: Yes, it’s me! I’m big and grey.

FOX: May we live with you?

ALL: No, no, you are bad, you want to eat us up!

The Fox and Wolf run away.